These posts adds a patch to openvpn which introduces forms of scrambling to the packet payload of any OpenVPN connection.
To use it you need both sides patched, server and client, and you introduce a new scramble password phrase in server and client config files


“scramble password” – perform a simple xor operation the packet payload, using a string “password”, you choose password

“scramble reverse” – This simply reverses all the data in the packet. This is enough to get past the regular expression detection in both China and Iran.

“scramble xorptrpos” – This performs a xor operation, utilising the current position in the packet payload.

“scramble obfuscate password” – This method is more secure. It utilises the 3 types of scrambling mentioned above. “password” is a string you choose.

scramble obfuscate test

The option must match on both sides for it to work. For clients, the option will work as a global setting.
Can also be applied to specific servers, utilising the format.

server 1194
scramble obfuscate lol

server 1195
scramble password

server 443
scramble reverse

server 80
proto tcp-client
scramble xorptrpos


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